SHARKK® 50W 6-Port USB Wall Plug

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    • Featuring (2) 2.4A, (2) 2.1A and (2) 1A device-specific ports for optimum charging
    • Supports: iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tab, Android Devices
    • Sleek, ultra-modern design ideal for international travel
    • Built-in safety system that provides voltage, current, temperature, and charge-time control
    • Dimensions: 4"x3"x1"

List Price: $39.99
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Featuring six device-specific USB charging ports that deliver the perfect charge level for their respective devices,
the 6-Port USB Wall Plug consolidates all your device charging needs into one slick, ultra-modern accessory
that is both convenient and will help avoid the clutter and tangle of excess wiring.

Device-Specific Ports
The device-specific design of the 6-Port Charger allows it to supply the perfect charge level for a given device.
Optimized for (but not limited to): iPad (2x2.4A), iPad (1x2.1A), Samsung Tab (1x2.1A), iPhone (1A), Android Devices (1A).

Consolidates Wiring
With 6 USB port options, you can charge all your devices without the usual clutter and tangled wiring.
The 6-Port USB Wall Plug also eliminates the necessity of carrying multiple charging adapters.

Safety Protection System
The 6-Port USB Wall Plug features a built in safety system that provides voltage control, current control, temperature control, and maximum charge-time control.

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