SHARKK® Apple iPad Mini BACKLIT Keyboard

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    • Featuring 7 backlight options with multiple brightness levels.
    • Bluetooth keyboard features many classic Apple functions and iOS commands.
    • Lithium Ion battery gives you up to 60 hours of continuous use on a single charge!
    • Secure, contoured design, custom made for iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina and iPad Mini 3
    • The folio-style case offers multiple viewing angles and positions, including 360 degree iPad rotation

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In this age of mobile device proliferation, the wireless keyboard has become an almost ubiquitous phone and tablet companion. Featuring soft touch ABS Keys and a slim lightweight design, the SHARKK iPad Mini Keyboard was crafted with the intent to blend style, convenience and utility into the ultimate iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina and iPad Mini 3 companion.


User Guide: SK365BKLT.pdf


Package Includes:

• 1x Wireless keyboard
• 1x USB charging cable
• 1x Illustrated manual
• Lifetime tech-support
• 1 year standard warranty

iOS-Specific Function Keys

In addition to style and convenience, the iPad Mini Keyboard Case also offers multiple iOS-specific functions keys to help maximize compatibility and productivity, including: Home, Cut, Copy, Paste, Media Playback and Volume Control keys.

Multiple Viewing Angles

The iPad Mini Keyboard Case offers an extensive array of viewing angles and orientations to help you find the perfect position for nearly any scenario. The 360 degree rotation of the iPad Mini casing allows the keyboard element of the case to function as a horizontal stand or be completely folded away under the iPad Mini casing.

Please Note:

Native iOS auto-correct is not yet supported and will be disabled while keyboard is in use.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Recent Questions and Comments


Why doesn't my back light stay on?


In order for the back light to remain ON, the keyboard must be connected through Bluetooth. Otherwise, it will turn ON during start up and then turn OFF a few seconds later. Furthermore, when the keyboard is left idle for more than about 1-2 minutes, the back lights will turn OFF but will turn back ON when any key is pressed.

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