SHARKK® ²O 8W Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Go ahead, run for cover. I'll handle the rain.

Bluetooth v. 4.0 and NFC
Rugged, Durable Design
IP67 Rating - Dustproof & Waterproof!

The great 15th century artist Leonardo Da Vinci once said that "Water is the driving force of all nature". However, were Da Vinci still alive today, his glowing summation of H20 might have been dampened by the fact that water is no friend to the delicate and pricey gadgets that are so central to our modern society. If you've ever seen that look of pure terror on the face of the guy caught out in the rain with his brand new portable speaker, then you know exactly what I mean. Being the great scientist and inventor that he was, Da Vinci most certainly would have conceived of a way to free us from our crippling fear of cloudy skies, spilling beverages and the one guy at every pool party who just HAS to demonstrate his belly-flop technique. The Sharkk 2O Waterproof Speaker was specially designed to address this very concern. With its rugged exterior and IP67 Waterproof Rating, this is one speaker that will not be sidelined by a few storm clouds. We've got you covered Leonardo!

Easy Connectivity

Capable of Bluetooth, NFC, AUX Port, and MicroSD Card Connections!

Rugged Design

With its IP67 rating, this powerful speaker will never leave you hanging!

Receive Phone Calls
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Rugged design and IP67 Waterproof/Dustproof Rating makes it the perfect option for those with an active lifestyle.
Supports AUX, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC with Siri/S Voice Functionality. Make and receive phone calls with the built-in Mic.
Dual 4W loudspeakers produce high quality stereo sound. 10 Hour playing time!
Frequency response: 60Hz - 20KHz. Speaker Dimensions: 55mm * 75mm * 175mm.

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Bluetooth v. 4.0 and NFC

Equipped with the very latest in Bluetooth technology, this Bluetooth speaker features all the cutting edge Bluetooth capabilities such as NFC and incoming call handling.

Rugged, Durable Design

The rugged exterior, durable design, and IP67 Waterproof Rating, makes the Sharkk 2o the perfect Bluetooth Speaker option for those with an active lifestyle.

IP67 Rating - Dustproof & Waterproof!

The SHARKK 2O Speaker has an IP67 rating which means that it is built to withstand complete immersion in water up to 1m and that it is completely impervious to dust, making it both Waterproof AND Dustproof!

Receive Phone Calls

Incoming call? Not a problem. The speaker will immediately alert you and even give you the option to receive the call directly through the speaker!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If you should experience any issues with your item please contact our customer service at and we will stop at nothing to resolve any and all concerns to the best of our ability.


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