SHARKK® Rugged RFID Aluminum Wallet

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The Ultimate Guardian Wallet

Block Identity Hackers

Sleek, Modern Design

The unfortunate truth is that identity theft is an ever growing area of concern in our society and RFID scanning is fast becoming a favorite tactic for credit card thieves throught the country. Imagine! All a potential theif would required is a cheap, widely availble scanning device (and a slightly malfunctioning moral compass) and voila! they can scan away from a safe distance and read information from nearby credit cards while they are still inside a wallet or purse!

One surefire way to prevent this is to protect your cards with a wallet such as this one which has built in RFID repelling technology which actively shields your cards from any and all RFID scanning attempts.

Guard your Identity

RFID repellent technology blocks high tech identity thieves.

Guard your Cards

Rugged water-resistant aluminum shell will protect your cards and cash.

RFID Protection
One Year Warranty
High grade plastic wallet with aluminum shell, custom design by SHARKK® brands.
Integrated RFID repellant technology protects you from Credit-Card scanning thieves.
Seven secure slots fold out accordion style and hold up to 9 cards.
Will hold cards, loose change and even bills (when folded in two).

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Sleek, Modern Design

With the wallet's sleek, ultra-modern design, you can pick one up today and sleep easier at night knowing that not only have you thwarted the scheming, wallet-scanning villains, you have also managed to do so in style!


Stain and impact resistant, the SHARKK Aluminum Wallet is a perfect fit for those with an active lifestyle.


Combine strength, durability and security without sacrificing the convenience of lightweight material. Weighing less than an ounce (when empty), the SHARKK Aluminum Wallet provides increased protection without the weighty bulk.

RFID Protection

Made from the highest quality materials and equipped with RFID scanner protection, the SHARKK Aluminum Wallet is the perfect modern accessory. When you combine the lightweight yet robust design with the security of RFID protection, the Aluminum Wallet and Credit Card Holder offers the luxury of both convenience and greater peace of mind.

One Year Warranty

At SHARKK we stand behind our products and we are committed to being there for you both before and after purchase. Your complete and total satisfaction with your purchase of this item is guaranteed and backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty.


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