SHARKK® USB Hub With Ethernet RJ45 Port

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    • Super Speed with USB 3.0. Speeds up to 5 Gbps. USB Hub
    • Add Ethernet Support to your device Ethernet 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) compatible.
    • Solid yet lightweight, modern Design with aluminum frame. Perfect for travel.
    • Bring out the full functionality of your Mac Book Air, ultra-portable laptop, or other Ethernet port-less device.
    • RJ45 Ethernet port

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The Problem:
So you just got off an exhausting red eye to New York. Luckily, the flight landed a little early, and you managed to get some sleep on the plane. You're feeling great about today's meeting. You've still got three hours so you decide to head on over to your hotel to freshen up. Everything is going perfectly. In your room you pull out your MacBook Air to review your presentation, when suddenly you realize that something's wrong; the document is saved in the cloud not on your hard drive. Not a big deal, you can just download it. But wait, this hotel doesn't have WiFi? So you think, it's OK, I'll just use the Ethernet cord. And that is precisely where you start to panic as your laptop lacks such functionality.
The Solution:
The SHARKK USB Hub and Ethernet Port. This modern lightweight adapter allows you to connect your computer to high-speed wired internet via USB without even using up a valuable USB port. In fact it additionally allows you to connect up to three USB devices. Don't get stuck without an internet connection.


USB Hub With Ethernet RJ45 Port - Mac OS X
USB Hub With Ethernet RJ45 Port - Windows 8 - 8.1
USB Hub With Ethernet RJ45 Port - Windows 7
USB Hub With Ethernet RJ45 Port - Windows Vista
USB Hub With Ethernet RJ45 Port - Windows XP
USB Hub With Ethernet RJ45 Port - Linux


Laptop doesn't have an Ethernet port? Not a problem

Many thin and ultra-portable laptops lack an Ethernet port, also, a built-in Ethernet port can break, leaving
you without internet access. This device bypasses that problem and additionally gives 3 more USB ports.

Lightweight Portable Build

Add a lot of productivity to your device without weighing it down. This solid device has an aluminum frame
keeping it lightweight and durable; in other words "Perfect for travel".

USB 3.0 Hub

Allows you to attach up to three USB devices to your computer using only one port.

Ultra-Fast Ethernet

Supports multiple Ethernet connection speeds (10/100/1000)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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