SHARKK® iPhone 6 Rugged Full Body Case

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    • Custom made for exclusive compatibility with the iPhone 6.
    • Includes detachable exterior plate and built-in screen protector for added protection.
    • Rugged, durable and specially designed to provide reliable protection.
    • Lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee!
    • Splash, dust, shock and scratch resistant.

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So you've just treated yourself to a brand new iPhone 6. You carefully peel away the packaging and as you lovingly cradle the delicate device, you can't help but admire the sleek, subtle curves of one of society's most elegant (and costly) handheld mobile creations. Suddenly, you sneeze! and drop your phone. Hoping desperately for the best, you pick it up and realize the phone is dented and the screen is completely shattered. In the moments that follow, you will no doubt ponder the meaning of life and "why bad things always to happen to good people". After cycling quickly through the five stages of grief, you shell out again for a replacement phone and life moves on, but you are no longer the same, every oncoming sneeze, every nearby cup of water, every venture outdoors fills you with the familiar dread of that fateful day...

We at Sharkk are of the belief that no one should ever have to suffer this kind of dread, rather we have created a rugged casing that will protect your phone, allowing you to live free, sleep easy and of course, continue your noble quest for sharing the perfect tweet, vine and selfie.


User Guide: PHC-SKRGDI6.pdf


Protect your Investment

Let's face it, today's smartphones are no longer just cool tech gadgets, rather they are expensive, integral investments that many of us can ill afford to lose to unfortunate mishaps. Protect your iPhone 6, protect your investment, protect your blood-pressure.

Designed exclusively for iPhone 6

Specially designed for use with the iPhone 6, the case fits like a glove and allows for unrestricted use of all the phones features, buttons and interfaces.

Includes Screen Protector

The SHARKK iPhone 6 Rugged Case comes equipped with an additional screen-protector to protect the delicate screen of your phone from scrapes and scratches.

Advanced Protection

• Splash Resistant.
• Dust Resistant.
• Shock Resistant.
• Made from high-grade materials.
• Rugged, durable and made to last.

One Year Warranty

At SHARKK we stand behind our products and we are committed to being there for you both before and after purchase. Your complete and total satisfaction with your purchase of this item is guaranteed and backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty.


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